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"On behalf of the Oregon Building Officials Association, we are very grateful for the time and effort you devoted to preparing and presenting your course at our Institute. Your participation helped fulfill the continuing education needs of our membership, building designers and contractors as well as contribute to the overall quality of OBOA's educational program."

Best regards,

Bill Cross
Executive Director

Lisa Hopper
Education Committee Chair


"The City of Lakewood has contracted with CCC for a number of projects including the new 630,000 SF St Anthony Central Hospital project. Our association with CCC has been very positive with timely and accurate reviews and great communication. I trust the professional judgment and expertise of their staff and would rate their team second to none."

Bill Clayton, CBO
City of Lakewood


Letter to the State of Colorado (Joseph Montoya)

During our busy summer projects, I had the pleasure of working with the 3rd party inspectors at Colorado Code Consulting. It was a pleasure working their cooperative attitude and flexible schedules even if we required a last minute inspection on one of our projects. I am happy to recommend their team as professional hard working individuals.

Catherine A. Townsend, Adams Five Star Schools


"Steve Thomas is one of our most popular instructors at the WABO Annual Education Institute - there is usually a waitlist to attend. He can speak on many code topics and we can always count on him to deliver."

Julie Kraftt
Washington Association of Building Officials


"Colorado Code Consulting has the ability to read the intent of the code and to help us relay that intent to Building Officials, Inspectors, Owners and Consultants on many, many jobs. They problem solve with us and are creative and logical with their advice."

Rebecca Stone
AIA Principal


"Colorado Code Consulting has provided our firm with consistent, informative and accurate building code consulting services.  They are our go-to-resource for all of our project building code questions and reviews."

Billi Rue
Helmstetler Architects + Associates, Inc.



 I participated in the CBO Technology Exam Review class you taught inQueen

Creek, AZ for the AZ Fire Marshal's Association last week.

 I had scheduled the exam for this morning and after having your class
worried that I had not scheduled enough study time. I have been in most of
the codes that are references on the exam fairly thoroughly the last year or
so, except the electrical and ANSI standard.
I took the test this morning and Passed. If not for the thoroughness of
your teaching I don't believe that would have been the case. Thank you for
the good job. I know that anyone who dedicates some time to studying the
sections you emphasize in your presentation will have no problem passing and
That was not the first class I have attended that you were the instructor
and I knew I would receive excellent quality teaching.
Thank you.
Barbara Rice
Camp Verde, AZ
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